DBI started out as a hobby and quickly grew to become a company that provides a variety of marketing services. Launching in 2013, DBI had a specific client base which included local churches and local small business owners. When DBI's customer service out shined its competitors, the business grew rapidly. DBI quickly had to relaunch and start offering more services to keep up with the demand. To ensure that we are providing quality professional designs and services, our graphic designer has earned an Associates Degree in Business with an emphasis on Internet/ Digital Media Design from Eastern Gateway Community College. DBI now services clients worldwide and nationwide from the east coast to the west coast providing quality customer service and quality designs still at affordable prices.

We don't only provide just a beautiful product, but we are restoring the trust of many people that have been taken advantage of by other graphic designers. With DBI you will stay informed about the status of your project; and your designs will be produced in a timely manner. We guarantee our service and work. Trust us with your vision, and we will help you to bring your vision to reality.