All sites are created using Wix website builder blank template ( your website will be customized for your business and unique). It includes a free domain name which is a wix hosted site name. ex: (


Personalized domain name and packages through wix are priced separately at customer's expense. If you have your own domain name, it can be connected to wix. The turnaround time is usually 3-10 days depending on amount of material and time it takes client to provide information.


Websites are designed for easy maintenance by the client.

However monthly maintenance is available. Please visit shop now for pricing. 


$400 Large E-Commerce Websites

 Large E-commerce sites include up to 15 pages and up to 100 products (same item but different color or style are considered the same item). Also includes up to 50 services and booking features.

Stores with products exceeding 100 items will be charged an additional price depending on the amount of product. 

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Large NON RETAIL Websites 

Large NON RETAIL Website designs includes up to 15 pages and up to 50 retail products. 16 or more pages is additional. The client is free to add additional pages and products on their own.

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Small websites 5 Page website design is a NON RETAIL BUSINESS WEBSITE. It can include services and booking feature along with other features. 

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Small retail websites are for clients who have fewer than 25 items in their inventory. 26-30 items will be an additional $10. If you have more than 30 items you will need the Large E-Commerce website design. 

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One Page Websites 

One Page Websites include up to 5 sections for visual appeal but additional are available if you desire. They are used for clients who don't have a lot of information for a full website, but need a professionally done website to promote their business.  

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